How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms


Dark underarms can be an embarrassing site that you’ll want to get rid of quickly.  The trick to getting rid of dark underarms is to find out what’s causing you have dark underarms, as dark underarms can be caused by a number different of reasons.  In this article, we’re going to identify some of the major causes of dark underarms and how to treat dark underarms once they appear.


Causes of Dark Underarms:




Many deodorant brands have harsh chemicals which can cause dark underarms especially when these deodorants are applied excessively.  If you believe the deodorant you’re using is causing you to have dark underarms, try applying the deodorant less excessively to your underarms.  If applying the deodorant less excessively doesn’t work and you still notice you have dark underarms, consider using a different brand of deodorant altogether.




Shaving your underarms often leaves behind shadow giving the appearance of dark underarms.  If this is a problem that you experience, you may want to try waxing instead of shaving.  Waxing pulls out hair from the roots leaving behind no shadow.


Dark Skin Pigmentation


Some people have naturally dark underarms.  However, there are many remedies to deal with naturally dark underarms.  A popular remedy to address naturally dark underarms is rubbing potato slices against your armpits.  Potatoes have bleaching properties which can brighten dark underarms.  To use potatoes to treat naturally dark underarms, you first take a potato and cut it into slices.  Then you take one of the potato slices and rub it against your armpit in a circular motion.  Doing this process regularly will brighten your underarms.


Build Up of Dead Skin Cells


We are constantly shedding skin in the form of dead skin cells.  When your armpit is closed, it forms a tight pocket, and its easy for dead skin to get trapped.  A build-up of dead skin in the armpit area can lead to the appearance of dark underarms.  There are many remedies for getting rid of a build-up of dead skin in the armpit area.  One remedy is rubbing lemon slices against your armpits.


To use a lemon to get rid of build up of dead skin, you first need cut a lemon into slices.  Then simply take a lemon slice and rub it against your dark underarms in a circular motion.  When you rub the lemon slice against your underarms, the mild acids from the lemon will break down and get rid of the build-up of dead skin.  Once the build-up of dead skin is gone, your underarms will appear brighter.


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